Mobile App Review -Sarah

Mobile Apps:

Nearest Tube

This iPhone app will help you find the nearest subway station. No need to ask for directions, and you will never get lost.
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Augmented ID

This isn’t complete yet but in the works. This app uses the Flickr facial recognition technology of Polar Rose to identify a person’s face and pull up info like their online profile and contact info. I think this is really amazing technology but it brings about another set of issues where if your info isn’t secure anyone can use what they find to steal from you.

Power Manager

While it’s getting better over time, the Android platform isn’t exactly known for its killer battery efficiency. Android allows users to run apps in the background and a running application uses a lot of the battery, whether it’s visible or not. Power manager helps to improve your device’s battery life through profiles. This has been one of the main issues I have with my phone it goes dead way too quickly.