Find: Democratizing Development: GameSalad Helps Amateurs Create 1,500 iOS Games

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Democratizing Development: GameSalad Helps Amateurs Create 1,500 iOS Games: "
GameSalad, the iOS game creation software, has been on a roll since it first launched in 2009. According to Gendai Games, the Austin-based company behind the software, GameSalad has grown to be the largest and fastest growing third-party development tool for iOS games with more than 3% of all iOS in the App Store created using the tool.

Now, in the general scheme of things, 3% may seem like a small number, but that means that nearly 1,500 games have been developed and made it into the App Store using their tool.


For some, apps like GameSalad offer a new version of the American Dream, where anything is possible and all you need to succeed is a good idea. Earlier this week, VentureBeat wrote about an eighth grader who used a similar tool to create a simple game and knock Angry Birds out of the top free spot in the App store.

Since its launch in late 2009, GameSalad has seen many people try for the same, with more than 107,000 downloads. Last month, GameSalad users created nearly 300 apps, making up more than 6% of game submissions to the App Store. In January, the company says, GameSalad-created apps could account for more than 10% of all game submissions.

'We're committed to bringing the tools of game creation to everyone,' said GameSalad CEO Steve Felter. 'The last two months demonstrate that we're well on our way to democratizing game development.'