Course Projects

Here are our current projects. Eventually, you will be able to find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Join student Russell Creswell in building a snowball fight game.
Client: This is a student-organized project.
Team: Ahmed, Creswell, Hong, Hsiao, Lane, Maynard, Mitchell


Join a fellow student in building an app based on the netflix API. Make sure it's better than or different from this app!
Client: This is a student-organized project.
Team: Anthony, Drotor, Gonzalez, Kamalakanthan, Lambright, Morgan, Wang
Results: TBA


FreshSpire is working to connect food distributors with local restaurants in an effort to reduce food waste. In this project, you will help them prototype a mobile system to connect distributors with the restaurants.
Team: Andrews, Keesee, Lin, Ripoll, Sekhar, Suh, Yan
Results: TBA


Bugle is working to connect volunteers with events and organizations that need volunteers. In this project, you will build a prototype mobile web app to connect the two groups.
Client: Ryan Johnson of Bugle
Team: Gosavi, Harris, Kumar, Ramakrishnan, Srivastava, Syed, Zhu
Results: TBA


Build a 2D mobile game, inspired by the classic video game Galaga, but with a prehistoric shark theme.
Team: Collins, Gonzales, Morris, Patzer, Rai, Seligson, Timperio
Results: TBD


Josh Whiton, NCSU CS alum and founder of public transport startup TransLoc (just sold to Ford), is starting a movement that seeks to make our land use renewable. In this project, you will help him develop applications supporting that emerging movement.
Client: Josh Whiton
Team: Bhandari, Hall, Gonsalves, Ly, Phadte, Soni, Sharma
Requirements: You must be willing to sign an IP Ownership Agreement stating that what you produce belongs to
Results: TBA


Bamboo Mobile uses mobile technology to help patients with chronic disease to manage their symptoms and care, and improve their quality of life. In this project, you will prototype a new piece of mobile functionality toward this end.
Team: Dates, Desai, Firake, Hu, Padia, Shukla, Zagade
Results: TBA

#gaming studio

This project is a collaboration with a gaming studio course run by members of the Experience Design Lab in the College of Design. It encompasses five projects, listed below. In all of these projects, you will collaborate closely with Design students, and work your projects in a slightly different manner from the rest of the mobiles class. Of course, the manner in which you are graded will also differ significantly from how students the Design class are graded!
Requirements: You must be able to meet weekly with design's gaming studio, which takes place TuTh 1:30-4:30 at the College of Design. Ideally, you will meet from 1:30-2:30.
Studio team: Agarwal, Barai, Bartushak, Drum, Gavane, Inkrote, Jessee, Law, Le, Miller, Mosolf, Mukhtar
Survey: If you are on the studio team, please fill out this survey so that we can assign you to a studio project team.


In this project you will design and build a new mobile-based interface for playing music.
Team: Bartushak, Drum, Le
Results: TBA


In this project you will design and prototype an interactive wall for the Museum of Life & Science in Durham.
Team: Agarwal, Miller
Results: TBA


In this project you will design and build an isometric game similar to Monument Valley or others.
Team: Inkrote, Mosolf
Results: TBA


In this project you will experiment with new ways of transitioning between VR locations, based on cinematic cuts and camera techniques.
Client: Arnav Jhala of NC State Computer Science, another collaborator with the studio.
Team: Barai, Jessee
Results: TBA


In this project you will prototype an augmented reality presentation system, which might someday be an alternative to PowerPoint. Make sure it's different or better than what Prezi is developing in the video above!
Team: Gavane, Law, Mukhtar
Results: TBA