Course Projects

Here are our most recent projects. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Student Russell Creswell and team built a networked snowball fight.
Client: This is a student-organized project.
Team: Ahmed, Creswell, Hong, Hsiao, Lane, Maynard, Mitchell


Student Dustin Lambright and team built an app to make finding a good place to eat as easy as possible.
Client: This is a student-organized project.
Team: Anthony, Drotor, Gonzalez, Kamalakanthan, Lambright, Morgan, Wang


FreshSpire is working to connect food distributors with local restaurants in an effort to reduce food waste. The team built a prototype mobile system to connect distributors with restaurants.
Team: Andrews, Keesee, Lin, Ripoll, Sekhar, Suh, Yan


Bugle is working to connect volunteers with events and organizations that need volunteers. The team built a prototype mobile web app to connect the two groups.
Client: Ryan Johnson of Bugle
Team: Gosavi, Harris, Kumar, Ramakrishnan, Srivastava, Syed, Zhu


Bucky Gates is an NC State researcher and an expert in prehistoric sharks. The team built an educational 2D mobile game for him inspired by the classic video game Galaga, but with a shark theme.
Team: Collins, Gonzales, Morris, Patzer, Rai, Seligson, Timperio


Josh Whiton, NCSU CS alum and founder of TransLoc, is starting a movement that seeks to make our food and land use renewable. The team built a prototype application supporting that emerging movement.
Client: Josh Whiton
Team: Bhandari, Hall, Gonsalves, Ly, Phadte, Soni, Sharma


Bamboo Mobile uses mobile technology to help patients with chronic disease to manage their symptoms and care, and improve their quality of life. The team prototyped a new piece of mobile functionality toward this end.
Team: Dates, Desai, Firake, Hu, Padia, Shukla, Zagade


This project was an interdisciplinary collaboration with the gaming studio course run by members of the Experience Design Lab in the College of Design, and the cross-cutting Digital Gaming Initiative. It encompassed five projects, listed below.
Studio team: Agarwal, Barai, Bartushak, Drum, Gavane, Inkrote, Jessee, Law, Le, Miller, Mosolf, Mukhtar


This team designed and built a whole-body interface for interacting with music.
Team: Bartushak, Drum, Le


This team designed and prototyped an interactive wall and floor for the Museum of Life & Science in Durham, themed around the solar system.
Team: Agarwal, Miller


This team designed and built a cat-themed isometric game similar to Monument Valley.
Team: Inkrote, Mosolf


This team was charged with experimenting with new cinematically-inspired ways of transitioning between VR scenes and locations.
Client: Arnav Jhala of NC State Computer Science, another collaborator with the studio.
Team: Barai, Jessee


This team built a prototype augmented reality presentation system for classrooms, which might someday be an alternative to PowerPoint.
Team: Gavane, Law, Mukhtar