Find: Google details low-level Renderscript API for Honeycomb

There's no question that Honeycomb tablets like the Xoom are powerful pieces of hardware, and it looks like Google will be doing its best to ensure that developers are able to exploit as much of that power as possible. A big piece of that puzzle is the company's Renderscript API for the OS, which it's just now starting to detail in full. The big advantage there is that it's a low-level API designed especially for developers who are "comfortable working closer to the metal," which will let applications built with it (including games) take full advantage of the high-end GPUs and dual-core processors found in Honeycomb tablets. What's more, while the API is just now being made public, it's already been put to use in Honeycomb by Google itself -- both the YouTube and Books apps, and the live wallpapers shipping with the first Honeycomb tablets were created with the help of it. Head on past the break for another quick example -- a brute force physics simulation that involves 900 particles titling with the tablet -- and look for Google to provide some additional technical information and sample code sometime soon.

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