Guest: Chris Paul from IBM, and a couple minor announcements

Hey folks,

Just a reminder that we will be visited by Chris Paul of IBM tomorrow. Please do your best to come.

A couple minor announcements/notes:

  • When posting to reactions, you are limited to one post on the Moodle, to keep things simple. Please make sure to put your reactions to all the readings in one post. You should be able to edit your post, should you make a mistake (or at least comment on it).
  • I assume that most of you have began coding. As you encounter difficulties, please feel free to post any questions you have on our Moodle's Forum -- and answer any that you find there! I will grade your projects on the resulting app, not on where you got your code from (though the core code should remain your own). I will also start reserving 10 minutes of studio time for you the ask any coding questions you may have live.