Find: Nokia promises strong Symbian devices through Windows Phone transition, major OTA update this summer

Nokia loves telling the world about the 150 million Symbian handsets it will ship in the years to come. Problem is, that's far from a factual statement -- it's a goal, a hope, and something that will only be possible if developers and fans don't abandon the platform wholesale as the company transitions from Symbian to Windows Phone smartphones over the next two years. As such, Nokia is desperately trying to convince us that Symbian and the Qt developer framework are far from dead. In an open letter of encouragement to developers from Purnima Kochikar, VP of Nokia Forum & Developer Community, Purnima attempts to coax devs into fine-tuning their Qt skills in preparation for a "strong portfolio" of new Symbian products with "GHz+" processing and faster graphics coming in 2011 and 2012. Presumably she's talking about the T7, X7, and E6 leaks among others. And because Symbian is still the leading smartphone platform in markets like China, India, Russia, and Turkey, she hints that Nokia will likely continue to support Symbian well beyond the transition to Windows Phone, at least in select markets.

Of course, hardware has never really been Nokia's issue so it's nice to hear Purnima commit to a first major Symbian user experience update this summer that includes the new home screen, icons, browser, and navbar we've already seen, in addition to a "fresh look and feel" to the Ovi Store and Maps with the latter also getting a integrated social media services update. The Symbian update -- some of which has already been seen on the C7 Astound -- will come to "all users" over the air. Too late to save the platform but just in time for the S...

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