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Top 10 Ways iOS Outdoes Android [Lifehacker Top 10]

Top 10 Ways iOS Outdoes Android

We love both mobile operating systems and their corresponding devices, but just like Android has its many advantages so does iOS. Here are our favorite parts of iOS that outdo their Android counterparts.

A note on flame wars: We love Android (which should be pretty evident by now). Despite everything mentioned in this post, nobody is (or should be) arguing iOS is better than Android (or the other way around). They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and a lot comes down to personal preference. Most of us love our smartphones and mobile devices, because they're pretty great, but it's good to look at both sides as what you use may not be the best thing to recommend to somebody else. Discussing the merits of each platform is useful for that reason, but bashing either Android or iOS is not. So, please keep the flame wars to a minimum in the comments.

10. The iTunes Media Store

Top 10 Ways iOS Outdoes Android While iOS still doesn't allow you to sync wirelessly, you can, at least, use your Wi-Fi (and in some cases cellular data) connection to purchase and download music, video, and books over the air. While Android's not without Amazon's media offerings, Apple gives you access to an enormous library of entertainment that you can purchase in a few taps. Everything you buy is sent to it corresponding app and transferred over to your computer the next time you sync. The process is seamless. When it comes to buying media for your device, there's really no better implementation.

*Personal note: I greatly prefer Amazon to iTunes for several reasons, but I think that Apple's implementation of the iTunes store is far better because of how simple and well-integrated it is.

9. AirPlay

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