Finds: Three mobile apps (Michael Matthews)
Google Voice:
Records voice mails and emails them to you so you get them instantly without having to dial into some service. Also dictates the voice to text so that you can read the content directly in your email, or as an SMS text message. You need SMS service, or an email account to use.

Stream movies from anywhere with a fast enough connection. Large library of streaming content. Netflix recently became the highest trafficked site on the internet. All it needs is a video player and a fast internet connection. I definitely prefer streaming to my iPad over any other device (iPhone, laptop, desktop, anything). I don't have a way to stream to my TV though.

Excellent time killing game. Easy to learn (excellent tutorial), hard to master. Easy, straightforward controls (touch/click and drag on the touch screen). Visually appealing colors. Enough of a puzzle/problem solving aspect to keep you captivated.