Reaction to Design #1 - Jack


Although I agree with Mau's that "growth is not necessarily good", I disagree that growth cannot be made with it. I think that while growing and developing ideas, periodic analysis of ones ideas and a goal of creating something "good" is preferable. The reading went a little over my head as I don't really know the context of his growth. It seems that this was written in stream of conscienceness and there is no real structure to his thoughts. Certain rules seem arbitrary (e.g. Dont join awards).


I found it particularily interesting that there were multiple depictions of the woman helping her child and that by simply using a different medium can convey a completely different experience. I also found the hammer analogy useful to see that design must be focused to an end goal for it to be effective. I found that the quote "Solve the problem and beauty will take care of itself" resonated with me. It could be that I can see a similarity between that quote and the Unix philosophy of "Do one thing and do it well". There is beauty in sumplicity.