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Typing on Flat Glass -
After reading this paper, it reminded me of the following youtube video...

Some of you may have seen this video already (it was viral couple months ago). Its pretty much about a future world where everything is on glass.

I think the flat glass typing would be such a cool idea and very possible in the near future. The one thing that I feel would need more research on is the whole "ergonomic" background of this idea. While this paper discusses much of the research performed for this, I feel more tests and studies should be conducted on how comfortable people really are. Since the keys would need to be spaced apart due to it being an invisible keyboard, I feel people with very large hands and very small hands may be disadvantaged when using this. I am totally down for this idea though...after thorough research, it will be big!

Skim reading by satisficing: evidence from eye tracking:
I found this article very interesting in the sense that it pointed out something I didn't even notice about myself. I skim read a lot on news articles, and I do tend to focus on the end of the paragraphs more then the whole story. If I do find a paragraph interesting though, I would usually go back and read it more thoroughly to get all the details.

I feel this topic is so important because when it comes to design, you want the user to be glancing at the important stuff (assuming the person will skim read most of the time). To know what the user will read and skip will be critical.