Reading Reviews - Sonya

Typing on Flat Glass

This study presented some interesting finds. I was specifically interested in the fact that they suggest putting a gap between hands and to curve the keyboard for flat-surface keyboards. It doesn’t interest me for any particular reason except that it just sparks my curiosity on how that would “feel” to type with those design changes. No matter the results, I think that flat-surface typing will not only need some changes to the keyboard but will simply take a while to get used to.

Skim Reading

Oh goodness, this so describes how I read, not only online but also in printed form. I use satisficing often. For me, I think its more that I simply want to be done, so I read enough and then skip to the next section. I agree with all of the design implications as well. I will read the start and sometimes the end of sections on the web. I definitely evaluate an entire page based on how good it is in the beginning.