Reads: Kuhn, D. Kelley and B. Hartfield.

S. Kuhn. The software design studio: an exploration
This article it extremely interesting. It sounds like several of the collaboration of and project management ideas are Agile-like, or at least rapid-iteration is. I think critiques are supposed to play a larger role in Agile frameworks that I've seen, too. Solving open-ended problems is definitely something that should be incorporated in a Comp Sci curriculum, since it's absolutely critical for any real productivity in the industry (outside of junior development roles). I need to read this one a little closer later, but it's very interesting to see that these ideas came from the world of architecture.

D. Kelley & B. Hartfield. The designer's stance
This is an awesome discussion. I like this line from David Kelley: "That's experience. You feed your intuition by having plenty of experience." That's definitely been my experience. =) The comparison he makes between engineers and designers is incredible, since I think it's very accurate. I would probably get cranky if I were asked to walk around blindfolded and feel leaves, which I suppose isn't a very good attitude. He mentions that creative design thrives on different points of view, and multi-disciplinary (cross-functional) teams are the best. I've gotten to work with designers at only one job, but it was a good experience (sadly company moral was so low in general that it wasn't all it could've been, I think). Code-wise, I've worked with all different types of coders, and we've gotten some good and bad solutions there, which is different. It's comforting though that DK concludes that companies can learn how to make design projects work, as long as they're aware of the problems and strive to make things better.