TYPE -Katie P

Typing on flat glass

Common methods of text entry on flat screens pale in comparison to keyboards

-no tactile feedback

solutions: curved keyboard w/ gap

Virtual vs.Physical keyboard

Participants were skilled typists

Typing patterns differ when users have visual vs. non visual keyboard


Rapid selective reading strategy to compensate for shear volume of text presented in online format – to maximize information gained

-skimming can improve readers understanding given a fixed period of time

Eye movements correlate to the length of time given to skim the document

-Information foraging

Its interesting that the test material was an article on hypnosis and one on hyper-activity, they seem like polar opposite

-Important sentences were read for longer than unimportant

-Gaze time was longer for sentences where questions were answered correctly

-Lines at the top of the page were more likely to be fixated upon

Satisficing is the winner!!!!!!

-Users attention needs to be captured fairly quickly

Homepages may be read more in an f-shape

Measure of readers perceptions of their progress would help understand decisions taken by readersa