Find: Durham among nation's top ten iPad-friendly towns

Durham among nation's top ten iPad-friendly towns

It's a well-known fact that the Triangle is consistently top-rated for raising a family, for business climate and other such laurels of wholesomeness.

Now we get a thumbs-up from Men's Health, the cool dude's guide to hot sex, ripped abs, pickup lines and unabashed self-absorption.

The September issue of Men's Health ranks Durham among the nation's top 10 iPad-friendly cities. Charlotte's not so shabby, either, meriting an 11th-place ranking.

The muscle-bound publication based the rankings on ad impressions from mobile ad network Chitika, number of Apple and Best Buy stores and percentage of households that own tablets, notebooks or laptops.

The top ranking cities are Plano, Tex., San Jose, Cal., and San Francisco.

Other Tar Heel cities on the list are Raleigh (23), Greensboro (36) and Winston-Salem (63).

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