Find: RIM's new CEO: who is Thorsten Heins?

He doesn't inspire much confidence. 

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As RIM announced last night, the company is hoping to stem its precipitous decline with a change of leadership, appointing former Chief Operating Officer Thorsten Gerhard Heins to the position of CEO. Heins, who joined RIM the same year Apple released the first major BlackBerry competitor, has said he is "excited" to take charge of the company. But what has Heins done so far, and how might his background shape RIM's future?

The RIM executives have never been particularly public figures, and Heins is no exception. Besides a minimal profile on LinkedIn and the RIM site, he has little online presence — no public-facing Facebook page or Twitter feed. Heins himself is a fairly new addition to RIM, and in fact spent most of his career at...

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