Find: Adobe lays out the future for Flash: a platform for the next 5-10 years

No flash on mobiles. On desktops, just games and copyrighted movies. Games on desktops are stagnant, that leaves only movies, and alternatives are coming for those. Flash's future looks grim. 

Ars Technica

Adobe has published its roadmap for its Flash browser plugin and its AIR desktop application counterpart. More releases, more features, and more performance, are all planned, but on fewer platforms: Adobe is giving up entirely on supporting smartphone browsers, sticking to the core desktop platforms for its plugin—and with a big question mark when it comes to Windows 8.

The company sees Flash as having two main markets that will resist the onslaught of HTML5: game development, and premium (read: encrypted) video. To that end, the features it has planned for future updates focus on making Flash faster, with greater hardware acceleration and improved script performance, and more application-like, with keyboard input in full-screen applications, and support for middle- and right-mouse buttons.