Find: In a triumph of marketing, AT&T upgrades Apple's iPhone to '4G'

Only the names have been changed to deceive the customer. 

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As he was introducing the iPhone 4S last October, Phil Schiller took care to note that while the device had dramatically improved cellular data speeds, Apple wasn't yet calling it a "4G" device. "This is what the majority of our competitors claim when they talk about 4G performance," he said, comparing the iPhone's data speeds to a number of AT&T smartphones listed as "4G" despite their lack of next-generation LTE radios. "We're not going to get into a debate in the industry about what's 4G and what isn't — we'll leave that for others to talk about."

How bout the new update to the iPhone for AT&T makes it 4g now #movinup

— Jake Goeckeritz (@JakeGoecks13) March 8, 2012

That debate has been conclusively decided. On Tuesday, Apple...