Find: Nokia details history of 41-megapixel 808 PureView, image sensor inspired by satellites

Detail about a nice Nokia innovation. 

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Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia's 41-megapixel 808 PureView was one of the highlights of Mobile World Congress 2012, and we managed to get a few details about the device's development from Nokia's head of imaging Damian Dinning at the event. But in a post on Nokia's Conversations blog, Dinning has written a more in-depth account of how the PureView technology went from concept to reality. It actually started back in 2006, when Nokia began experimenting with including optical zoom on its devices. With the constantly evolving expectations for screen size and image quality, the company went through a number of concepts that never actually made it to market.

The breakthrough moment came when one of the engineers stumbled across an article about how satellites use...