App: Farm Story Review

Farm Story: grow fruits, raise animals and decorate beautiful farm with friends!

Farm Story is the name of the app developed by TeamLava Games, who are also responsible for producing a wide variety of different Android games such as Bakery Story, Fashion Story, and Restaurant Story. The game features the player monitoring and cultivating a farm to ultimately grow it into a lush and lavish expanse.

This app provides users who enjoy the game play with multitudes of different plants that each take different conditions to grow, and yield different amounts of profit. The game seems to have game play remarkably similar to that of Farmville, and by remarkably similar, I mean almost exactly the same game play. From the diagonal grid to the lush green grass dictating the perimeters of one's farm, to the content that can be purchased with real money to unlock in game money, FarmStory has it all. Of all the Farm Sim games on Google Play such as Farm Frenzy Lite and Papaya Farm, FarmStory has the most downloads and is highest rated with 70,000 approx. ratings with a 4.4. Overall, FarmStory seems to be a very complete and fun app!