Find: Google maps replaced in ios 6?

Google and apple haven't been best of friends lately, so....

Allegedly "leaked" photos show 3D features coming to iOS Maps

Wondering what the rumored Maps app for iOS 6 is going to look like? BGR claims to have received a number of predictably blurry photographs of the app, which the site has posted as a photo gallery. The photos show views of the maps and a couple of UI elements, leading BGR to try and piece together a composite image of what it believes the end result will be.

One of the UI elements shown in the alleged app photos is a button that says "3D" next to the button that allows the user to find his or her location. This would support previous rumblings about Apple putting some of its acquired mapping technologies to use as part of iOS 6—C3 Technologies, a company that Apple purchased in 2011, was largely known for its 3D mapping technology. Such technology has been widely expected to become part of Apple's complete makeover of the iOS Maps app eventually, it's just a matter of when.

Apple also purchased Placebase in 2009 and Poly9 in 2010—known for their APIs and Google Earth clones, respectively. With the C3 acquisition, Apple has a strong portfolio of mapping technologies that are just waiting to make their way onto users' iPhones. Will we finally get a chance to hear about those plans at WWDC in two weeks? According to BGR, the new Maps app is "currently being tested in build 10A3XX of iOS 6." Apple has been keeping mum on what it plans to discuss at its WWDC keynote, but OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 are the most likely candidates, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.