Find: rumors converge -- larger-screened iPhone

Ars Technica

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs allegedly "worked closely" on the design of the rumored larger-screened iPhone, according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. The publication corroborates previous reports that the iPhone is about to get a serious makeover this year, noting that Apple has indeed placed orders for a screen larger than the current 3.5-inch screen used in the iPhone 4S.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Apple is planning to begin production of an iPhone with a 4-inch screen in June. We have been highly skeptical of such rumors up until recently, but recent positive changes in the signal-to-noise ratio is changing our minds. Apple has stuck with a 3.5-inch screen since the iPhone first launched in 2007, and it has performed quite well in the market since then, selling 35.1 million iPhones last quarter alone.

Bloomberg points out that a 4-inch screen doesn't necessarily mean the dimensions of the iPhone itself will change—Apple could possibly fit it into the current dimensions if it pushes other elements of the front around (such as the speaker, camera, and Home button). But this is only speculation, and there is currently very little information available about what the next iPhone will actually look like. But we do agree that the iPhone will likely see some major cosmetic changes this year—Apple typically overhauls the look of the iPhone every other year, and the design of the iPhone 4S matches that of the iPhone 4 launched in 2010. What do you think we're in for when the next iPhone makes its debut?