Project: Silence

Team members:
Giulio Frasca
Alton Walston
Spencer Guy

GitHub link

Silence automatically sets your phone to silent, vibrate, or ring based on a schedule you define. Using this app ensures your phone does not interrupt you during any classes, meetings, or wake you while you’re sleeping. In short, Silence makes your phone work on your schedule.

Once the user has set up their first event (using the button in the menu), the app will adjust the phone’s ring setting automatically as it runs in the background (initial field tests are showing that our app has a negligible effect on battery life). The app also runs on startup, so if the user needs to turn their phone off and on, they do not need to worry about restarting the app. Notifications are presented to the user in the Android status bar when any ring setting is changed. Events are represented in a list when the user boots the app, with a red check meaning the event is set to silent, a yellow check meaning the event is set to vibrate, a green check meaning the event is set to ring, and a gray X if the event is disabled. This color scheme is reflected in the app visualizer, accessible from the app menu.

Things we updated since our presentation:
-Events are now clickable on the visualizer
-Menu icons now represent the ring setting
-Disabled events are now represented by a gray X
-Changed “Update” button to “Save”
-Removed test data
-Clicking the ongoing notification toggles the service state between running and paused

Update: All updates made to Silence since the presentation are demoed in this video.