Project: Silver Bullet

Silverbullet is an Android version of the game Assassin.

Assassins is generally played with 10-50 people. Each player is assigned a target in the group. Your goal in the game is to "kill" your target in a pre-agreed upon manner often with a nerf or water gun. When you kill your target they are eliminated from the game and you are assigned your target's target. This goes on until there is only one person left.

These games go on for weeks some time so we implemented a way to keep track of everything and automate the assignment process. With Silverbullet you can create a profile:

Create and manage games, keep an eye on your target using google maps and location services, and send and receive messages. With Silverbullet you kill your target by tapping a button as many times as possible and your target gets the option to defend in the same manner.

Our code is not publicly hosted, but the apk is available upon request.