Android 4.1 is Jelly Bean

It's official. 

Android 4.1 is Jelly Bean and coming soon, Play Store confirms

google jelly beans

The Google Play Store listing for the Galaxy Nexus has confirmed that the next upgrade to Android will indeed be version 4.1 and be codenamed Jelly Bean. You can check out the little blurb of information below on the Play Store website if you're in the US right now, plus there's an image showing a couple of visual tweaks to the UI: a slightly altered search bar and a new background image. Admittedly, it's all very low-res and tells us little of substance, but we'll take all we can get until we can savor the full Jelly Bean experience. Which, judging by this mildly premature update to the Play Store, should be a lock for Google I/O next week.