Spotted: Phone as a pixel -- enabling ad-hoc, large-scale displays using mobile devices

Similar to a project from our mobiles course a bit over a year ago. 

Phone as a pixel: enabling ad-hoc, large-scale displays using mobile devices

Julia Schwarz, David Klionsky, Chris Harrison, Paul Dietz, Andrew Wilson

We present Phone as a Pixel: a scalable, synchronization-free, platform-independent system for creating large, ad-hoc displays from a collection of smaller devices. In contrast to most tiled-display systems, the only requirement for participation is for devices to have an internet connection and a web browser. Thus, most smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar devices can be used. Phone as a Pixel uses a color-transition encoding scheme to identify and locate displays. This approach has several advantages: devices can be arbitrarily arranged (i.e., not in a grid) and infrastructure consists of a single conventional camera. Further, additional devices can join at any time without re-calibration.