Spotted: using mobiles to capture and share what you toss

Hmm... Is this gamification or shamification? 

"We've bin watching you": designing for reflection and social persuasion to promote sustainable lifestyles

Anja Thieme, Rob Comber, Julia Miebach, Jack Weeden, Nicole Kraemer, Shaun Lawson, Patrick Olivier

BinCam is a social persuasive system to motivate reflection and behavioral change in the food waste and recycling habits of young adults. The system replaces an existing kitchen refuse bin and automatically logs disposed of items through digital images captured by a smart phone installed on the underside of the bin lid. Captured images are uploaded to a BinCam application on Facebook where they can be explored by all users of the BinCam system. Engagement with BinCam is designed to fit into the existing structure of users' everyday life, with the intention that reflection on waste and recycling becomes a playful and shared group activity.