Announcement: Critique Schedule


Critiques ("Show and Tell") will be presented in class on the dates mentioned below. We will have 3 groups presenting on any given day and each group will have 25 minutes to present their critique and update their progress to the class. Often you will have your clients or guests from industry present at your critique to ask questions and give feedback.

The critiques start Mar 11 and hence we expect you to start early. You will have 3 weeks between each critique.

For the first critique, we are expecting sketches and wireframes for the app you are going to develop. You should explain your project and app in as much detail as you can.

For the second critique we are expecting some sort of running prototype (it may not be perfect and may have some rough edges) for demonstration.

These critiques will count towards your final score.

Here is the schedule for each group:
Group First Critique Second Critique
A personal assistant for sustainable tourism 13-Mar 1-Apr
Help people to get the most out of Winston-Salem’s greenways 13-Mar 1-Apr
Help students log their activity in a field biology class 13-Mar 1-Apr
Automated test framework and companion Android app 18-Mar 8-Apr
Making electronic music in Africa 18-Mar 8-Apr
Support the biking movement in Winston-Salem 18-Mar 8-Apr
A mixed reality, NFC-based API and game 25-Mar 15-Apr
Encouraging people to experience their city on foot (Walk Raleigh - iOS and Android) 25-Mar 15-Apr
nVidia 25-Mar 15-Apr

Let us know in case of any issues or doubts.