Spotted: Mobile advertising - evaluating the effects of animation, user and content relevance

Relevance to user doesn't improve recall, while relatedness to page does. Relevance to user does improve pleasure, while relatedness to page doesn't. Animation has no important impact. 

// published on Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems-Latest Proceeding Volume // visit site

Mobile advertising: evaluating the effects of animation, user and content relevance
Marco de Sa, Vidhya Navalpakkam, Elizabeth F. Churchill

The potential for user-relevant, context-appropriate, targeted advertising on mobile devices is enormous given device improvements and advances in personal and location-based data collection. However, little is known about how users experience display advertisements ('ads') on mobile devices, or what factors drive mobile ad effectiveness. In this paper, we investigate users' experiences of display advertising on mobile devices. We consider three factors that are often studied in desktop settings the ad's level of personal relevance to the user, its relevance to the page content, and within-ad properties, with a particular focus on the level of animation in the ad. Our findings reveal a few surprises.