Here's what your Project Ara phone could look like as a health tracker [feedly]

I continue to think google is onto something with ara. It aligns well with trends in reuse and differentiation. 


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Google's first crop of Project Ara modular smartphones won't be available until later this year, and only in Puerto Rico, but people are already trying to figure out ways to use it differently than existing phones. That includes Lapka, a company that makes a beautiful (albeit expensive) set of sensors for tracking humidity, radiation, and temperature in homes. Where that project was inspired by NASA and designer Yves Saint Laurent, the group has taken new inspiration from designer sneakers to come up with a set of conceptual sensors for Project Ara devices that promises to turn your phone into a portable health testing station. You might not be able to text or even fit your phone in your pocket, but you could find out if you're too drunk...

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