Our first look at Windows 10 on phones, and Universal Apps for touchscreens

This is probably of more immediate impact than the holo lens announcement, and the universal interface is a very good idea. 


Our first look at Windows 10 on phones, and Universal Apps for touchscreens
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Today at Microsoft's Windows 10 preview event, the company gave us our first look at what Windows 10 will look like when it's running on small screens. The "standard" Windows 10 experience as demonstrated in the Technical Preview is only for screens 8 inches or above; phones and smaller tablets get their own interface. Though Microsoft simply referred to this as "Windows 10 for phones and small tablets," this is our first look at the next version of Windows Phone.

The biggest overarching feature of the small-screened version of Windows 10 is better integration with the desktop version of Windows—Microsoft is really pushing the new OS as a "universal platform." If you've got a Windows phone and a Windows laptop or desktop signed into the same Microsoft account, most of your information will be able to sync seamlessly across platforms. If you dismiss or interact with a notification in your Action Center on your phone, for example, the change will be reflected in the Action Center on your laptop so you won't need to interact with it again. Lists of recent documents in the Office apps will roam between devices, and playlists created in a new music app will sync between devices as well. These are just the applications that Microsoft mentioned, but you can expect all of the first-party Windows apps will support some kind of syncing.

Dragging the software keyboard around will be useful on larger screens.

Microsoft is also making more of an effort to make apps on Windows phones, tablets, and touch-enabled PCs look and work the same. A number of "Universal Apps" will lead this charge, including a touch-enabled version of Microsoft Office that will be included with all phones and small tablets.

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