Make running fun again!

Problem: For many gamers, running and physical activity is rarely a subject to be excited about. Dino Runner seeks to "gamify" running, and combine running with RPG concepts, allowing gamers to have goals to strive for, game, all inside their pocket.

How it works: DinoRunner uses the android phone's accelerometer sensors to detect when the user is running, and maps their distance traveled to the game interface. Players will have the option of picking different tracks, each with their special twists. For example, some tracks might have regions of water, where it will "slow" you down within the game, causing the player to have to run faster in real life. The track also spawns a monster that is specific to the track, and this monster will chase you around. Be careful of getting caught by the monster, because they are quite dangerous, and will reduce the player's health. Upon successfully completing the track, players will be rewarded with experience, items, gold, which can be used towards ingame items that can boost players speed (so they can tackle harder bosses!). With this reward system in place, we hope to make running an enjoyable experience, and hopefully make users forget they were running in the first place.

Unfinished work: A few of the team members are planning on continuing this project, hopefully towards a summer blockbuster release. Before release, we wish to have:

  • Immersive sound
  • Ingame shop
  • ...AND MORE