Project: Isometric Puzzle Game

Team Members:

Jacob Inkrote, Tony Mosolf, Jane Hiltz, Eilish Thomas, Deanna Jones, Emily Parker, and Zoe Winton


An isometric puzzle solving game where a cat fights to obtain their nine lives from the Egyptian gods

Core Problem/How it Works:

The game uses the isometric camera angle, which means that the camera is locked in place the entire time. This presents the problem of having to keep everything relevant to the player on the screen all the time and still including movement or larger levels. We accomplished this by using some visual trickery and quick thinking.

How it works:

The game works by using different types of interactive object and environments. They take in a certain user interaction and that causes the world to change in a prescribed way as a result. In order to work with the isometric view, we had objects move on and off the screen while having the player remain stationary to give the appearance that they were moving while they really weren’t. We also included a level with a rotation mechanic in order to show actual movement without having to change the camera’s position.

Unfinished and Future Work:

Due to time constraints we were only able to create 4/9 levels. In future work we would like to make the rest of the levels, implement a menu system, and include a story that will be given to players as they progress through the game


YouTube video

GitHub Repo