Guest: Vidya Setlur of Nokia Research (updated)


Next week on Thursday April 7 we will be joined remotely by Vidya Setlur of Nokia Research. Vidya is a leading researcher in mobile interfaces, and is based out of Nokia's Palo Alto Research facility.

Vidya and I are still working out what exactly she will talk about; more soon.

Updated: here is Vidya's talk info:

Mobile Browsing and Search 

The fastest growing community of Internet users is made up of people who use various ubiquitous devices to access the Internet. Such web content is becoming more important for searching, sharing, expressing, and exchanging information on devices such as smartphones, handheld PCs, home-networked media appliances, and informational displays in automobiles . As the amount of information available on these small-screen, ‘on-the-go’ types of devices continues to grow, it is essential to prevent users from wading through a morass of irrelevant content to find a single piece of relevant information.

In this talk, I will talk about two recent pieces of my work concerning the mobile web. Firstly, I will introduce ‘SemantiLynx’, a system to visually augment hyperlinks on web pages for better supporting the task of directed searches on small-screen devices. Secondly, I will present Myngle, a device-agnostic system that lets users quickly find the information they need from previously visited web pages without having to plan ahead, and talk about the generation of web page snippets for managing this information. I will conclude my talk by briefly discussing technology and research trends in this topic.