Team evaluation opportunity


If you like, you may evaluate your teammates' performance on your project with this form.

When a clear majority of the team expresses disappointment in a team member's performance, his or her project grade will suffer. Similarly, if a majority believes one team member has made an exceptional contribution, he or she will receive a bonus.

This evaluation counts as a course assignment.

Prof W

For iOS phone appfight: Instacall Lite

Looks like Simpler Dialer was removed from the iOS app store in the last few months!

As a replacement, we suggest Instacall.


Fill out your mobiles project preference survey!

Hello everyone, It's time for you to fill out your mobiles project preference survey! You should all have received an email from the tool by now, telling you how to get started.

If you haven't received such an email, all you really need to do is go to and use your NCSU credentials!


Dept Computer Science