Chapter 1 Reaction - Jack

Paper 1-

This chapter seems to be a basic introduction to mobile devices. The book seems to be heavily focused on the graphics portion of mobile devices. It also appears to be focused on the low level programming. It seems that the authors are enamored w/ Java 3d Graphics. It seems that the major difference between mobile programming and traditional programming is an increased focus on minimizing the applications' impact on the mobile resources. Overall this chapter was quite easy to understand and I had no issues.

Paper 2-

This book seems to be more focused on the User Interface of mobile devices. There seems to be a paradigm shift of mobile devices being used as communication devices to information devices. I thought it was interesting to consider the possibility that mobile devices perhaps are acting as an all purpose tool instead of as an appliance. I believe this question can be seen clearly w/ people replacing their personal computers w/ tablets. This book seems to be a much more openminded and theoretical w/ concepts of aromatic I/O. The chapter is pretty straight forward and i have no confusion w/ it.