Chapter - I Reactions Sneka

Paper -I
It stresses the importance on human computer interation and whole topic circulates on how the mobile devices have evolved over time. The layout is in the form of rhetorical questions stressing the importance of mobile phone not just as an appliance but as tool for effective communication and connectivity to the world. The paper discusses on the interface and highlight two concepts namely fast tap keypad and peep hole displays. It also talks about the auditory, haptic and gestural interfaces to overcome human limitations.
Paper -II
It describes the technical parts of the mobile phone. There are two processors baseband and application processor. The baseband processor is the one that is available on all basic phones and feature phones while the application processor is predominantly used in the smart phones. To play the 3-D games the graphics processor has been inbuilt and it offers better performance than the CPU performing all the tasks. The paper also provides an introduction on the standards for mobile graphics design. It provides a brief summary on the design principles.
One question I have is how do we develop applications that incorporate all the design principles?
Do we have any priority / ranking for these principles?