Find: KDDI announces Android-based smartphone with glanceable UI

This addresses one of the great iOS weaknesses. As does wp7, which this may predate. 

KDDI announces Android-based INFOBAR A01 smartphone with glanceable iida UI

There's been a few smartphones exclusive to Japan as of late that we'd like to see available over here, but perhaps none more so than KDDI's just-announced INFOBAR A01, which is set to hit the country in July. It runs Android 2.3, but you wouldn't know it from the interface: a completely custom UI designed by Yugo Nakamura that follows some similar glanceable design principles to Windows Phone 7, or what KDDI describes as a "single band of information." The phone is no slouch hardware-wise either -- it boasts a 3.7-inch qHD display (that's about 300 ppi), an 8 megapixel camera, a 1Seg TV tuner, and dual-mode GSM / CDMA connectivity (no word on the processor, unfortunately). As you can see, it also has some tile-like buttons -- a common theme with previous INFOBAR phones -- and it's available in your choice of four different color schemes, no less, along with some optional silicone and leather cases designed to match the phone (by the phone's designer, Naoto Fukasawa, incidentally). Hit up the gallery below for a closer look, and head on past the break for a pair of videos showing the interface in action.

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