Mobile App Reviews - Sneka


The pages is a word processor. It tracks what we type, so we get suggestions on the go.It has the style, list and layout tools that help us to format the document. The most interesting part is we can add pictures, tables,charts and flowcharts. Having such capabilities on a mobile device is just too cool. It has 16 predefined templates and styles. We can also customise the templates in accordance to our needs. We can convert the pages document to any standard style like .pdf or .doc. Once the email services are configured on the ipad, sharing the document is just one tap away.


Adobe Ideas:

The adobe ideas is an app that has been very useful to me as it helps me sketch doodles and pictures whenever I wish to. The interface has two layers the draw layer and the photo layer. With the help of the photo layer,we can embed the photos that are saved in the albums to enhance the drawings. The drawings that I create has a mix of graphic and the traditional paper based look associated with it. The opacity of the colours that we use can be adjusted and we can also create our own colour themes based on the images that are available in the photo album.


Amazon kindle:

The amazon kindle app is a ebook reader that helps to download, shop and browse books. We can bookmark, highlight and look up contents. There are various viewing options with the aid of which we can adjust the brightness, background and font size. The track bar enables easy navigation. There is also the dictionary that is inbuilt as a part of the app.