Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reading Reviews -Katie

Reading I

2005: 180 million phone vs. 3 million hand-held comp.

-Comparison to architecture -building spaces for people to co-exist and communicate like a well

used building. They need to be workable and function formost but also inspire, excite, comfort

-Mobiles are as addictive as smoking/kicking weed

-Are Implants the goal of the future, do we want to become one with the computer

-I think is human nature to be curious, not to know everything immediately

-Swiss army knife: Should a mobile device be a jack of all trades or a one trick pony?

-Aromatic: smelling the time

Reading II

Very technical, lots of questions

-open gles


-mobile java

-Evolution of mobile phone coincides with digital photography

-Combining all of the positive attributes of varying devices





-Things to overcome

-small screens


-battery life

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  1. On implants: maybe not in our bodies, but I think it is clear that we are implanting technology ever more deeply into our lives.

    On general vs. specific: for mobiles, general wins I think, because there is only so much we can carry around. At home, specific wins, because specific will always be better for its intended use.