Thursday, June 2, 2011

Find: Ready alternatives indicate TV ownership is poised for decline ((tags: finds, context, video

Tvs, like radios, discs, hard books, watches, begin their decline. 

Ready alternatives indicate TV ownership is poised for decline

I don't watch much TV, but don't worry, I do own one. TV ownership levels are going to drop more and more, though, according to Nielsen's latest report on the "TV Household Universe." Nielsen predicts TV ownership in the US will be down going into next year, from nearly 99 percent in 2011 to just 96.7 percent in 2012. Although this initial decline may just be a blip on the screen, Nielsen acknowledges that consumers are expanding to other audio/video devices for content consumption and may not rely on the TV as much as they once did.

According to Nielsen, several factors may have affected the TV ownership numbers. For example, the digital TV transition from analog occurred in the summer of 2009—this is when TV penetration first began to dip, and "the permanence of this trend was acknowledged in 2010 after the number of TV households did not rebound over time."

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