Mau and Hargrove - David


29. Think with your mind. Forget technology. Creativity is not device-dependent.

I agree with this statement because if we were to depend on technology to be creative, we aren't fully utilizing our creative minds. Using technology would limit our scope of creativity, thus placing constraints on our imaginations. This was evident when our groups had to “brainstorm” as many ideas as we could. My group did not use a computer to look up ideas. Because of this I feel we were able to successfully come up with such a large list of app ideas.


'Making Connections and Associations'

Since I am a CSC student, I do not know much about Design. But, when I do try to grasp what design is all about...the whole “making connections” seems to give me a general idea. In order to improve on successful products, design thinking creates even more connections to the point where a more efficient product is can be possible with the current product.