Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reads: Week 1, Beginning...

Sorry I didn't get these done sooner...

Chapter 1 from Mobile Interaction Design.
This all seems like a good overview. I was particularly intrigued by the argument ascribed to Don Norman, that we will be carrying around many different mobile appliances rather than a single mobile device. It sounds like this may have been a faulty prognostication back in 1999. It seems clear that people do not have the patience to fiddle with a bunch of devices, and would rather have one phone/computer device, with as many features crammed in as possible. I guess this book was written before the iPhone. I found the discussion about aromatic I/O to be somewhat silly.

Chapter 1 from Mobile 3D Graphics.
This is all interesting information. I'm not sure up to date the discussion of 3D graphics with Java is. I will try to find out what is used on Android platforms later, but I thought it was just OpenGL ES 2 these days, possible with some higher level wrapper. It's good to see that these technologies go back a ways.

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