Find: 53% of mobile users happy to hand over location data for discounts

Not me! Discounts generally are for stuff I don't want to buy. 

53% of mobile users happy to hand over location data for discounts

Lately, mobile device users seem to be more aware than ever of privacy issues tied to sharing their location. But what do consumers love more than keeping a handle on their own privacy? Discounts. According to a report from mobile engagement firm JiWire, more than half of all consumers are willing to exchange their mobile location data for content that is relevant to them at the moment, such as coupons, promotions, directions, and product information.

JiWire's latest report is based on mobile ad data collected from 450,000 public WiFi hotspots combined with surveys from 2,800 randomly selected JiWire WiFi Media Channel customers between April and June of 2011. According to the data, 90 percent of those users own a laptop, 58 percent own smartphones, and 32 percent own tablets, with smaller numbers of users owning dedicated MP3 players, gaming devices, e-readers, and netbooks. (For those curious, the company says iOS devices made up 81.9 percent of the second quarter's user data, with Android coming in second at 10.5 percent and Windows Phone third at 4.04 percent.)

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