Find: android Users Prefer Native over Web Apps

Native still ahead,  but as authors point out that balance will change. Also we kill time more than work with phones.

Android Users Prefer Native over Web Apps, Study Finds

According to new research from analytics firm Nielsen, most Android users spend more time with native mobile applications than they do on the mobile Web. The average Android user spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with the Web and apps on their devices. Of that, nearly 67% is done through native applications.
The most popular offerings take up the lion's share of time spent. We are not just talking the top 1,000 apps of the more than 250,000 Android apps available. The top 50 apps end up taking 61% of users' time, according to Nielsen. That means that most users are spending most of their time playing Angry Birds and listening to Pandora (for example) than interacting with niche services. The stakes in for developers to create top-end apps that consumers will actually use has never been higher.

Nielsen_Android_Use_Aug11.jpgFrom a consumer perspective, think about your daily smartphone usage. How many apps have you downloaded? Probably a lot. How many of them do you actually use on a day-to-day basis? Only a few of them, right?
A Pew Internet survey released earlier this week says that a vast amount of consumers use their smartphones to kill boredom. So, the top games and services are most likely to be what gets the most usage. We do not need a scientific study or an analytics firm to tell us what these apps do. They are weather from The Weather Channel, games from Rovio and Zynga (Words With Friends and Angry Birds), Google Search, Twitter, music (Pandora, Rdio, MOG, Spotify) and video (Hulu and Netflix if you are one of the lucky Android owners who have that functionality). Storage services like Evernote have mass appeal as well.
Check out the top free apps in the Android Market to see what are the most popular. The top five are no surprise - YouTube, Google Maps, Kindle, Facebook for Android and Pandora. Angry Birds has three apps in the top 20 while Netflix comes in at No. 23 and The Weather Channel at No. 24.
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