Find: HTC may be looking to buy its own mobile operating system

The rumblings of fallout begin. 

HTC may be looking to buy its own mobile operating system

HTC expressed interest in purchasing a mobile operating system today, according to Focus Taiwan. Cher Wang, chairwoman at HTC, told reporters "we [HTC] can use any OS we want," and said the company has held internal discussions about obtaining an OS of its own.

HTC makes both Windows Phone 7 and Android handsets and has robotically voiced its support of Google's acquisition of one of its hardware competitors, Motorola Mobility. Google has likewise been supportive of HTC, selling the company nine patents to help bolster its lawsuits with Apple.

Still, HTC appears unable to ignore the potential for Motorola to gain certain Android advantages under Google ownership, and is considering other options. Wang has said that her company has the ability "to make things different on the second or third layer of a platform," referring to the sometimes-derided HTC Sense UI overlay. "Our strength lies in understanding an OS, but it does not mean we have to produce an OS," Wang said, indicating that the company might prefer to purchase or license a platform rather than make its own.

And what luck: HP recently knocked its own webOS unconscious and displayed it on a silver platter for potential buyers or licensees, and that may be HTC's best prospect. Wang cautions that HTC will not pursue their own OS "on impulse," but the company has given it thought.

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