Friday, November 4, 2011

Find: iPawn brings board gaming to the iPad

Monopoly and Sorry on the iPad with physical pieces. Good idea.

via The Verge - All Posts by Nathan Ingraham on 11/3/11


Apple touts the iPad as both a great gaming solution and platform to share content with your family, so Jumbo Games has gone ahead and mashed the two ideas together to come up with iPawn. This product takes old-school style board games and brings them to the iPad by selling sets of capacitive game pieces designed to interact with specific apps; the touchscreen plays the role of game board. While Disney introduced a set of iPad-ready Cars toys in October, iPawn's main competition looks to be GameChanger, a similar but more elaborate hybrid of iPad game and board game that was also just recently announced. Jumbo is launching four different iPawn games are launching this month — what we don't know is whether the iPad apps are sold...

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