Friday, December 2, 2011

Find: Microsoft reportedly launching Office for iPad in 2012

About time. Good idea. 

Microsoft reportedly launching Office for iPad in 2012

Apple iPad 2 press


Microsoft's released a few apps here and there for the iPhone and iPad but has kept one of its prize breadwinners out of the iOS fray. According to The Daily, that all might change in 2012 with the launch of Office for iPad. The publication claims that this new release will play nice with Office 365's cloud-based service, and iPad documents should be compatible with the desktop versions of Office. In fact, this closely mirrors both Office for Windows Phone and iWork on the iPad, with document syncing and compatibility between mobile and desktop apps. Office for iPad's price point also is rumored to be similar to iWork on iOS's $10 per app pricing. The Daily claims a new Office for Mac will be coming out closer to the end of 2012, but...

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