Find: The best smartphones to carry with you into 2012

Nice survey of high end phones in 2012. 

The best smartphones to carry with you into 2012

Another year has gone by, and we are dozens of texting, calling, app-downloading machines the richer for it. Below, we've picked some of our favorite high-end and budget-conscious smartphones that we would be proud to carry into 2012.

High-end winners

Samsung Galaxy S II (Android)

There are few phones, or even objects, I would recommend more heartily than the Galaxy S II. This phone has been a worldwide success, and for good reason: it's speedy, has a fantastic camera and prodigious battery life, and is remarkably easy to type on. Its biggest drawback is that it's not available on all American carriers. But that aside, I was, and am, enamored of it. Here's hoping its transition to Android 4 goes smoothly.

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