Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Find: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: hands-on impressions, pictures, and video

RIM formally announced PlayBook OS 2.0 yesterday, and I met with the product's senior marketing manager Jeff Gadway to check out all the features in the new operating system. Version 2.0 finally brings a native mail client to the BlackBerry tablet, along with calendar and contact apps. RIM also made some general aesthetic changes, and added a bulked-up version of BlackBerry Bridge and an eerily familiar "reading view" feature in the browser.

version 2.0 is the most polished version of the PlayBook OS yet — not to mention the most full-featured. The homescreen has been refined, including drag-and-drop app rearrangement and the inclusion of folders. Like on iOS, you hold down on an icon to pick it up, and drag it on top of another to...

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