Find: GPD's Glass Multitouch Keyboard hands-on

A new touch technology. Can't see what's better about this tech, except maybe tactile feedback. 

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The Glass Multitouch Keyboard by Giddings Product Development is a futuristic piece of technology that was recently funded on Kickstater, but it seems too outlandish to be real. It's essentially a curved piece of Gorilla Glass 2 that uses frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) to register touches across the 19-inch wide surface area, while the circuitry will live in its base. We saw a non-working prototype with a traditional QWERTY and numpad etched on it, but it will come as a completely clear slab.

It works by sending IR beams through the edge-lit glass continuously, and two cameras below the glass capture your finger's location when the touch disrupts the signals. It will be capable of multitouch gestures, offer custom layouts,...

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